Alḥamdulillāh, Jamiatul Muminat offer workshops for sisters. These are bite size learning topics delivered by knowledgeable instructors. All learning resources are provided for the day. 


Please note that there will be regular breaks during these workshops for refreshments and prayer times. Hence, we advise all participants to come with a well-prepared lunch to ensure optimal learning throughout the day. 


Weekend workshops are limited to registered attendees only. Click on the links to register. 

Tazkiyah - Soul Purification
Registration Closed
Salah Perfection
Registration Open
Funeral Rites
Registration Closed
Fiqh of Fasting
Coming Soon
Fiqh of Zakah
Coming Soon
Positive Parenting
Coming Soon
Hajj Seminar
Coming Soon
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student testimonials

I was very impressed with how the course was taught. I got to know a lot about where I was going wrong. I would definitely recommend this course to others

Salah Perfection Course

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